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December, 2015 / By Seen Green
Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps
Five apps which I use most frequently when traveling abroad

There may be better apps or apps which others use more frequently. Here is a list of the apps which I find the most useful in my day to day travels.

Currency Converter

GlobeConvert (free) is my go to for converting currency. I find it extremely easy to use and open it at least once a day. It also handles other units besides currency although I mainly use it for currency conversion.


Google Translate (free). It's nice to be able to say "thank you," "hello" and other commonly used words in the country which I am visiting. I always felt that people treat you better when they see that you are trying to adapt to their country. One feature which I like most is the audio feature, sometimes words are read differently than they actual sound. Big help.

Photo Backup

Shutterfly (free). I know people have their preferences when it comes to saving their photos. I have been using Shutterfly for many years now and their app is great, it's actually better than their website. I can quickly access all of my photos as well as back up my memorable moments with out any worry of losing them, or if my phone was to stop working or become lost.

Video Backup

Dropbox (free, depending on how much storage space you need). If someone has a better way for me to save my videos, please comment below. I have been using Dropbox to backup my videos and freeing up space on my device. I also use Dropbox to store other files as well as share files with friends and family. Whatever your needs, Dropbox is a great app.

Update: I am storing my video files on Google Drive and then transferring them to my portable hard drive which is home in the US.

Movies and Sports

VPN in Touch (free for a trial period with decent subscription options). I just started using this app and have to say, it's pretty good. It does have moments where you cannot connect, but I found a work around for that, it involves logging into other countries IP address's and then going back to the country's IP which you would like.

I have been using this app to watch Netflix as well as logging in to my NBC Sports app to watch live sporting events. It's very useful for catching up with your favorite programs from back home. There may be better apps, but this one had great reviews and ratings.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns let me know.


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